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      Sustainable fashion is the future!

      We at Infinity Dance Clothing are big supporters of sustainable and eco-friendly dance fashion - we are actively participating in moving towards more ecological processes and social justice - this philosophy we share with our vendor and fulfillment partner. Each and every product is made upon order for a specific customer and thus we can guarantee a significant textile waste reduction and avoid overproduction. Creating and shipping each product on demand takes a little bit of time, but it allows us to be mindful and sustainable. You can check out our production and delivery times here.

      Unfortunately, as you have probably already seen, not all of the items in our selection are labelled organic or eco-friendly. However, in the near future, we plan to offer more and more sustainable, eco-friendly and/or organic clothing for dancers as we want to support our planet while still producing amazing clothes for your dance practices. We will continue to work towards more sustainability in order to help preserve the environment.


      As we are striving for becoming even more sustainable, you can easily imagine that all size exchanges and returns result in an increased waste that could be avoided if you knew in advance the right size for you of the item you want to order. But no worries! To reduce the risk of ordering the wrong size, we have attached an helpful size guide at each product page so that you can measure yourself before ordering. If you are still unsure which size fits you best, feel free to contact us, we can help you in finding the appropriate size for you.

      Why choose Infinity Dance Clothing over other clothing companies?

      There are many answers to this question, but first of all, here's the most important argument: We only produce when you order. Unlike other big clothing companies, we do not own a warehouse where we store pre-made clothes that maybe no one will ever buy. We do not support mass production of clothing and in this way, we can prevent unnecessary waste. Which in turn leads to a more sustainable way of producing clothing. We strongly believe that sustainability is the future.


      About 85% of all textiles produced in the fashion industry ends up in waste deposits which in turn contributes heavily to the environmental damage we see in this world. One in five garments lands in the deposit without even being worn once. So, conventional manufacturing is not an option for us. We choose print-on-demand because the production process starts only when you order.


      Furthermore, we produce only high-quality products, which of course, has its price. However, we are constantly reassessing our prices to make quality more affordable to everyone. You can absolutely trust in the quality of our products and the efficient production process. And who doesn't want a long-lasting quality product? Of course we all do. Because you can use a good-quality product a lot longer as you would use a cheap and weak product. Before we select and design new products for our store, we do durability and wash tests. It is important for us that you receive a good product that lasts many washes and holds its color as long as possible.


      Also, we have organic and eco-friendly products in our store. Eco-friendly products feature sustainable, recycled or biodegradable materials. We intend to add more of them in the future.


      Another thing is that we try to fulfill the order in the factory that is closest to the customer. This allows us to ship out the order faster and to lower the shipping cost which in turn leads to a reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions produced when transporting the orders.


      Choose sustainability, choose quality, choose inspiration NOW.


      Do you share our philosophy?

      Let us know and send us YOUR ideas and thoughts about it on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, via E-Mail ( or our contact form. We'd love to hear from you!