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      How a friendship turned into a love and entrepreneurial relationship.


      Infinity Dance Clothing is led by its founders Alberto from Spain and Jenny from Austria. Their initial friendship and dance partnership eventually turned into a love relationship. After a few months of creative ventures they formed a business partnership in 2020 by founding their brand Infinity Dance with the aim to create unique dance and fitness wear for Bachata and Salsa dancers that inspire and spark love.


      We created the Infinity Dance brand to express our love and passion for dancing, which is infinite and goes beyond all limits. We believe that dancing has the power to really change the world and can make it a better place. We believe that dancing can unite people from all kinds of nations and all parts of the world, regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture. It is our utmost desire and objective to bring people together, unite them, empower them.


      Not only that. We are the only brand within the dance niche that is actively fostering empowerment, freedom and sustainability. We welcome dancers and non-dancers alike and are happy to share our values and ideas with everyone.


      Behind the scenes: