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      Strengthen your dance community with our customization service!

      • You are a dance school or a dance instructor.
      • You want to personalize your own t-shirts for your students or your dance school.
      • You are a private person who wants to have something special printed on a t-shirt that you cannot find anywhere.

      What is this all about?
      Infinity Dance Clothing's customization platform service brings your ideas and visions to life tailored to your needs. Whatever you wish for, we will do our best to provide full satisfaction.

      How does it work?
      Simply message us with your request and tell us what you want and how many t-shirts as well as sizes you need. Let's say for example, you want to put your design (or a new design designed by us) on 50 t-shirts for your 50 dance students. We will compile a cost estimate for your request consisting of the costs for the work on the design (if you have not your own design), the product/manufacturing costs and the shipping costs. After your approval via e-mail, our design team will get to work immediately. Afterwards, we'll send you the sample file. If you like it, your fully personalized order will be produced and shipped the fastest way possible. Please note that if you want to first order a sample t-shirt to see how it looks like in real, this first sample will be free of charge. However, the costs of additional samples (in case you didn't like the first sample), will have to be covered by you.

      How long will it take that I receive my customized (bulk) order?
      That depends on the complexity of your desired request. Please be aware that production time can take anywhere from 2-7 business days depending on the size of your order. Shipping times can vary from 2-3 weeks depending on destination and other factors we have no control over.

      Which items can I choose?
      For now, we offer t-shirts of various types, fabrics, quality and prices. All our t-shirts are made sustainably. 

      Do I get a discount at a certain amount?
      Yes. You'll get up to 30% discount depending on the size of the order. However, you should at least order 25 pieces to receive a discount, but you can mix product colors and sizes. With 25 pieces, you'll get 8% discount. With 50 pieces, you'll get 14% discount etc.

      Is there a minimum purchase rule?
      No. From 1 to 100 000 there is no limit ;)

      Please note that the rights to a design that will be designed by us will remain with Infinity Dance Clothing OG. If you provide your own design, of course it's yours.

      For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below or via email: